LEYEFE is a service that provides a new way for photographers of varying skill levels to deliver and sell social and event photos on a pay-per-photo model. It enables affordable photography to be sent to anyone instantly and anywhere.
After successfully launching their iOS app with a new design and an innovative photo sharing feature, LEYEFE wanted to rebrand themselves with a new marketing website.
The existing website was developed 2 years ago with simple two paragraphs about the product concept. As the number of the user increases, LEYEFE asked me to design a new website which can introduce the app and provide the necessary resources for the user.
Client Research
I met with the stakeholders to understand the brand value, determine goals, and identify constraints through a discussion.
-  Briefly introduce the product and explain how it works
-  Provide necessary resources for the new user
-  Tell how the product can benefit the use 
User Research
Ideally, I would have been able to do some research into actual user data such as what people want to learn about the product and what kind of information they want to see. However, I was unable to conduct formal user research.
As an alternative, I researched people around me to understand what consumers expect to see on the company website before trying out the new product. I could identify three key points:
1. What is it?
-  Undoubtedly, everyone mentioned this point. In more details, people want to know what is the product about and how it works.

2. How is it different from other products?
- There are a lot of products on the market which are similar to each other. To capture the user’s attention and make them try out the product, I decided to focus on providing the clear content, explaining how we are different from other competitors. How it can benefit me.

3. How it can benefit me?
The user won’t use our product if there is no benefit to them so I decided to specify how our product could be beneficial to our target users, photographers.
Design Process
I began my design process by drawing new designs with a goal of creating a content-focused website.
Since the stakeholders didn’t want the new website to have too much information about the company or product at this point, I decided to use the single page website which can provide much easier navigation to the user while appealing with a clean design.
The primary goal of the new website was to introduce LEYEFE to the user. I used empty space to maximize the contrast which can ultimately cause the user to focus on the content.
Low-fidelity Wireframes
After sketching, I created low-fidelity wireframes to map out the shell of the interface, its screens and basic information architecture. Through this step, I was able to discover the best way to layout the contents of the responsive website before implementing any visual design or brand identity. I also began to share my design with the stakeholders and the team at this point.
I then created mockups with actual contents and visual design. I highlighted the contents with the minimal UI and solid color graphics.
Validation & Iteration
I conducted the usability test to identify problems within my design. Because I was the only designer in this project, I wanted to reduce the risk of building the wrong product through this.
Because the website by itself is pretty simple, the task scenario was developed to test the navigation of the site to make sure that the user can find what they need.
Changing the Navigation
Initially I came up with an idea to have a side navigation bar on the desktop website. However, I discovered that people felt more comfortable with the top sticky navigation because it was more common on the web and easier to understand the interaction at a glance.
Regardless all the constraints, I was able to come up with a simple and clean design for LEYEFE's new website. With a responsive design, the user can access all the information on every size of device.
With the new website, LEYEFE began massive marketing campaigns to officially begin the business in Seattle area.
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